As your State Representative since 2010, I have successfully worked to advance the issues facing our community. Over the past eight years, I have fought to reform our state government so that it works for the people – not the special interests. As a local (Bridgewater) small business owner for over thirty years, I believe we need to restore the voice of the average citizen to Beacon Hill. I would be honored to have your vote for re-election so I can continue to push for the reforms we need.
Angelo D’Emilia

Independent and Effective

  • Restored local aid cuts to Bridgewater and Raynham
  • Successfully fought for additional funding for aerial mosquito spraying in Plymouth and Bristol Counties
  • Restored 100% of lost prison mitigation funding to Bridgewater
  • Passed legislation to provide academic credit to our Veterans returning from oversees
  • Developed a reputation as an independent legislator willing to work with both parties to improve our state

Plans for the Future

  • Work to fix our local aid formulas to ensure a fairer and more equitable distribution of state aid
  • Continue to push for reforms to eliminate welfare and EBT card fraud
  • Push for income and sales tax reductions to promote job growth and stimulate the economy

Putting Massachusetts Back to Work

Massachusetts is not friendly to business. The high costs, onerous regulations and oppressive tax burden have caused us to lose quality jobs to other states. We need the state to become a partner and not a barrier to business growth in Massachusetts.

We need to:

  • Eliminate “Massachusetts Only” Regulations
  • Create a stable investment environment
  • Streamline the permitting process
  • Extend investment credits to all businesses

Focusing on our Towns

The state government has been shifting its problems to our towns through reduced local aid and additional unfunded mandates. It is at the local level where the most critical functions of government occur. I will work to reverse the trend of propping up the state government at the expense of our town governments.

I will fight to:

  • Increase state aid to our towns and schools
  • Ensure a more fair and equitable distribution of state aid
  • Give cities and towns the flexibility they need to manage in these tough times

2nd Amendment Rights

I have always supported an individual’s right to bear arms and to defend themselves. The existing gun laws in Massachusetts are among the strictest in the nation. We need to focus on enforcing the current laws against illegal gun ownership and not create more laws restricting the rights of law abiding citizens.

Angelo has been endorsed by and received an A+ rating from the Gun Owners Action League